About Me


Who is BuyMyHat? BuyMyHat is more than a person - buymyhat is an idea. But we should never forget who founded and explored that idea, me. 

candid photo of Aram 'Hat Guy' Nazarian

the man, the myth, the dood, the legend: Me

Not everyone can be a hat guy. I came to this realization when I first started experimenting with hats my freshman year of college. Morning after morning, I would put on one of my many hats and gaze into my mirror. The hat didn't look right, didn't fit right, didn't feel right. In need for the perfect hat, I dove head-first into the deep expanse of head-wear. For 3 exhaustive years, I sampled through beanies, ascots, berets, straw hats and even fez's before I finally came back to what started it all: the classic dad hat. On one fateful afternoon, during my last quarter of college, a friend surprised me and stuck a dad hat on my head unexpectedly - at that moment, everything changed. I understood the world differently. This hat became a part of me. From that day on, I vowed to change the world in the same way the world was changed for him. This is why I created BuyMyHat. I want every man, woman, and child to experience the same feeling he went through. I want you to be BuyMyHat.